Online Pre-Registration

Visitors pre-register and complete most of the sign-in workflow prior to their arrival, including watching videos and signing documents.

Expedite Sign In@2x

Faster Visitor Sign-Ins

With visitors completing the majority of the sign-in process ahead of time, guests will now spend even less time in your lobby when they arrive.

Automatic Notifications@2x

Touchless Experience

Protect employees, contractors, and visitors by eliminating the need to tap the kiosk screen and reduce surface touching and possible contamination.

Touchless Sign In Process


Move the visitor experience from
the kiosk, directly to a mobile device

In a world that is always connected, the iLobby Touchless Sign-In™ makes use of the smartphone that your guest already has in their pocket. Visitors simply arrive at the kiosk, open their invitation email on their smartphone, and follow the link to sign in. This will trigger the kiosk to go into QR code scanning mode, and your guest can simply scan their personalized QR code to complete the sign-in.

If the pre-registration becomes outdated or if a new version of a mandatory document becomes available – iLobby will prompt your guest to complete those specific steps of the sign-in, directly on their mobile phone, before they can be signed in to your facility.

Touchless Sign In 2

Addressing COVID-19 in the New Normal

Blacklist Checks @2x

COVID-19 Pre-Screening

Visitors who do not pass the mandatory emergency workflow will be flagged prior to their arrival on-site. Your organization can choose to deny entry to these guests, and ask them to reschedule their meeting to a later date.


Reducing Touch Points

A kiosk screen can be touched thousands of times, especially in high volume facilities. The Touchless Sign-InTM experience reduces the potential for surface contamination, and helps ensure the safety of individuals within your workplace.

Collect Info@2x

Enabling Contact Tracing

Automated visitor logging creates an audit trail to identify which visitors were at your facility and when. In case any visitor is infected, this helps you assess which individuals may have been exposed to them during the timeframe of the visit.

iLobby COVID-19 features made screening of visitors
and social distancing an automated process

During these unchartered times, dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic and the increased importance on protection of our employees, contractors, and visitors, the iLobby COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire has made screening of visitors to our site and social distancing an automated process, with little to no interaction between visitors and employees during the screening process and before being given access to our facility.



Authenticate individuals and initiate badge printing from your visitor’s smartphone

With employees returning to workplaces in this new normal, it’s important to consider how your organization will reduce the amount of touch points in your facility – particularly if your front desk typically processes a high volume of visitors.

Where constant sanitization of the interactive sign-in kiosks may not be practical, the iLobby Touchless Sign-InTM offers a convenient new way to help keep your employees and guests safe with a fully hands-off experience.

iLobby Touchless Sign In@2x


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