Simple, step-by-step sign in flow to collect all the information you need for security and compliance

guided self signin@2x

Guided Self Sign In

When your visitor arrives, they tap the welcome screen on the kiosk to start their sign-in process: they fill in their details, read legal documents and the provided NDAs, digitally sign documents and take an optional photo.

instant security check@2x

Instant Security Check

iLobby can automatically and instantly run background checks against deny lists, watchlists and other systems used to validate visitors.

host notification@2x

Host Notification

iLobby automatically sends a notification to the employee who is hosting the visitor — via their preference of email, text, voice call, Slack, or other channel.

badge printing@2x

Badge Printing

iLobby prints a badge for the visitor (optional) and the host greets them and escorts them into the building. Photos in their notifications help employees instantly recognize their guests.

Create a unique sign in experience for each visitor type

Customize visitor types and workflows to reflect unique business requirements. Visitors will enjoy a different experience based on their reason for being on-site. The experience is focused on the user, creating an intuitive and user-friendly interaction.


Collect only the data that you need

The data collected and questions asked are specific to the visitor and their purpose of visit — meeting privacy and compliance obligations, while reducing scope and exposure.

  • Contact information
  • Legal documents & NDAs
  • Digital signatures
  • Health & safety guidelines
  • Questionnaires
  • Safety videos
  • ID & passport scanning
  • Citizenship data for ITAR compliance
  • Custom data fields
  • Optional documents that visitors can skip

Digital signatures

Easily sign documents in iLobby with digital signatures, and store all signed documents for your records.

  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Liability Waivers
  • Health & Safety
ilobby expiring credentials

Compliance management

Certain documents and training videos are only valid for a specific period of time. Returning visitors will be fast-tracked through previously completed yet still compliant documents. When the documents expire, visitors will be asked to complete the process again in order to remain compliant.

ilobby faster sign in

Make sign ins faster with invites & pre-registration

Send one-click invitations directly from your email, complete with pre-registration links, map, and personalized QR code for faster sign-in.

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returning visitor@2x

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Pre Registration

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custom visitor type@2x

Custom Visitor Types

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