QR Code Scanning@2x

QR Code Scanning

Upon sign-in, visitors can be prompted to scan their vaccine passport QR Code directly with the barcode reader in the iLobby kiosk in order to verify their vaccination status.

Vaccine Passport Validation@2x

Vaccine Passport Validation

With one of the largest databases in the industry, iLobby’s digital vaccine validation system can validate QR Codes from most jurisdictions worldwide.

Status based Rules@2x 1

Status-based Rules

Individuals who do not have a valid vaccine passport can be required to complete additional screening steps, such as COVID questionnaires, FeverCheckTM, and more.

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QR Code-based Vaccine Passports

iLobby helps organizations digitally read and validate proof-of-vaccination through government-issued QR codes from most jurisdictions globally – enabling organizations to verify the vaccination status of each employee and visitor.

  • Read and validate digital QR Codes
  • Verify vaccination status of each individual
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Verify Identification Match with ID Scanning

The verification process can be further enhanced by requiring individuals to scan their drivers’ license or passport to validate that an individual’s identity matches that stated in the document.

  • ID verification
  • Drivers’ license scanning
  • Passport scanning


Global Digital Vaccine Validation System

iLobby has developed the most complete and up-to-date validation system for vaccine passport QR codes, covering most jurisdictions worldwide. Organizations can leverage the database in order to help safeguard their workplaces, both locally and globally.

  • Most complete and up-to-date database
  • Validate digital passports from around the world
iLobby Validating QR Code@2x
iLobby vaccine confirmation regulation@1.25x


Maintain a full digital audit trail for compliance

Managing all your locations from one simple dashboard enables organizations to quickly implement new measures in order to comply with local laws and regulations for COVID, while maintaining a full digital audit trail for compliance.

  • Maintain proof of compliance with local regulations, across each of your locations
  • Quickly generate reports of employee and visitor vaccination status who have entered your facilities, for any given timeframe

iLobby COVID-19 features made screening of visitors
and social distancing an automated process

During these unchartered times, dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic and the increased importance on protection of our employees, contractors, and visitors, the iLobby COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire has made screening of visitors to our site and social distancing an automated process, with little to no interaction between visitors and employees during the screening process and before being given access to our facility.



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