Set Proof-of-Vaccination Requirements

From self-declarations, to government-issued QR codes – iLobby enables organizations to set proof-of-vaccination requirements during the sign-in process in order to meet local regulations and organization-specific standards.

QR Code Based Vaccine Passports@2x

Scan QR Code-based Vaccine Passports

iLobby’s digital vaccine validation system can verify QR Code-based vaccine passports for most jurisdictions worldwide in order to verify validity.

Proof of Vaccination@2x

Upload Proof-of-Vaccination Documents

This includes vaccine certificates, health passes, letters of proof, or other proof-of-vaccination documentation, as required.

Negative Covid Tests@2x

Upload Proof of Negative COVID Tests

Organizations can set a default expiration period for any document’s validity. For example, COVID test results can expire after 7 days.

Verify ID@2x

Verify ID with Passport or Drivers' License

Combining vaccination status checks with automatic verification of IDs can further enhance the validity of the verification process.

Self Declaration Vaccines Status@2x

Self-Declarations of Vaccination Status

In jurisdictions where proof-of-vaccination is not required, organizations can ask individuals to self-identify their vaccine status.

Custom Documentation Requirements@2x

Custom Documentation Requirements

iLobby is continuously expanding its proof-of-vaccine integrations. Contact the iLobby Team to discuss your requirements.

iLobby vaccine Confirmation@1.25x


Add vaccine confirmations into your sign-in workflow

Vaccine Confirmation integrates seamlessly into the iLobby sign-in workflow, enabling organizations to add another layer of screening to help safeguard their workplace. During the sign-in process, each individual will be asked to verify their vaccination status by disclosing whether or not they are fully vaccinated.

  • Automatically track and manage the vaccination status of each individual in your facility
  • Allow individuals to self-identify their status or require proof of vaccination
  • Add another layer of screening to safeguard your workplace


Implement rules based on vaccination status

Organizations can enforce different rules based on vaccination status. For example, an unvaccinated individual may not be permitted in common areas and may be required to wear a mask within the facility at all times. Should an individual choose not to disclose their status, they will be required to follow the same rules as an unvaccinated individual.

  • Flexibility to set different rules at each of your locations
  • Meet local government regulations for handling individuals based on vaccination status
  • Restrict unvaccinated individuals from common areas, require masks indoors, and more
iLobby vaccine Confirmation Status based Rule@1.25x 2
iLobby vaccine Confirmation Secure Data Retention@1.25x


Protect sensitive data and fast track the sign-in process

iLobby can expedite the sign-in process for employees and previously processed visitors, by securely storing their individual vaccination status. Should an individual already have a fully vaccinated status stored on the platform, the system can fast-track their health check during sign-in, by skipping screening steps such as vaccination status questions and FeverCheck™ scans.

  • Expedite sign-in by intelligently bypassing health screening for fully vaccinated individuals
  • Protect sensitive health information and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Store data in adherence with your data retention policies and requirements


Maintain a full digital audit trail for compliance

Managing all your locations from one simple dashboard enables organizations to quickly implement new measures in order to comply with local laws and regulations for COVID. Should workplace restrictions change, managers can update rules at any of their locations worldwide, all from one central dashboard, while maintaining a full digital audit trail for compliance.

  • Maintain proof of compliance with local regulations, across each of your locations
  • Quickly generate reports of employee and visitor vaccination status who have entered your facilities for any given timeframe
iLobby vaccine confirmation regulation@1.25x
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