Guided Self Sign In@2x

Self Sign-In Kiosk

With Visitor Badge Printing

Easily automate collection of important data and documents, and print photo badges for visitors.

Real Time Dashboards@2x

Real-Time Dashboards

Access Data from Anywhere

Authorized users always have access to important data about who is in their building, as well as upcoming scheduled visits.

Automatic Notifications@2x

Automatic Notifications

Instantly Notify Hosts

When visitors arrive, host employees are automatically alerted of their guest’s arrival, along with a photo for easy recognition.

From candidates arriving for interviews,
to customers arriving for meetings...

iLobby has become the efficient way to manage our reception area. The system was easier than I thought it would be to set up. From candidates arriving for interviews to customers arriving for meetings, we are able to give attention to those taking their time to give us theirs. The customer and sales service received has been patient and helpful. These kind of individuals are hard to come by. We appreciate the support, customer service, and relationship management.


iLobby® focuses on your guests, so you can focus on your business

Greet Guests Faster@2x 1

Greet Guests Faster

Reduce visitor frustration of not being able to reach someone upon their arrival on-site. Hosts and receptionists don’t need to be present to process the visitor and are only notified when their attention is required.

Expedite Sign In@2x

Expedite Sign In

iLobby makes it simple for guests to sign in and contact the host that they are looking for, directly. It’s a pleasant experience for visitors, while being an effective way to collect data and documents.

Remember Guests@2x 1

Remember Guests

The system will remember visitors who have previously signed in, expediting the process and making returning guests feel more welcome by not having to re-enter the same information each time they visit.

Extremely easy to use and quick to configure

Thanks to the iLobby system our organization has improved the experience and the perception of the level of innovation that our customers and visitors have of the company. The system is extremely easy to use and quick to configure. To deploy iLobby it’s easy, and our intention is to standardize the system on all the business units of our corporate.

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