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Simple, automated security checkpoint

iLobby makes it easy to reach a higher level of security by integrating with a wide range of software and hardware to streamline and enforce physical restrictions within your facility to unauthorized visitors. The platform is highly customizable to meet your security needs.

The platform is an integral part of day-to-day security in Fortune 500 companies, and major institutions such as international airports and banks.

A perfect ally in our security for access control

We are convinced that choosing iLobby among the existing options within the competitive market was the best decision we have taken, mostly related to security and the convenience for registering our visitors. Our company stands out for taking the lead in any field of business, and iLobby is now a perfect ally in our security for access control.

iLobby Staff do not sell a product; they assist you with your needs. This is not the future; it is the present! Let's make the logbooks stay in the past.



Authorize and restrict access

iLobby’s robust access control integration module facilitates physical security by authorizing or restricting access of specific persons to buildings or rooms, during specific times and dates.

The platform can integrate with most access control systems, including Tyco, Genetec, Honeywell, Brivo and many more. When a visitor meets certain requirements, iLobby delivers access credentials within the client’s existing access control infrastructure.

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iLobby® integrates with...

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Control locking & unlocking







Automate various checks in just seconds

Identity Verification@2x

Identity Verification

Scanning government-issued IDs and passports ensures accurate identification of visitors. Simply scan the document using our iPad application or a dedicated enterprise-grade ID/Passport scanner in order to auto-populate information.

Internal Authorizations@2x

Internal Authorizations

Allow or deny access to your building via internal watchlists that notify the system and designated admins when an unauthorized access attempt occurs.

Blacklist Checks @2x

Deny List Checks

Integrate with third party watchlists to ensure that visitors and contractors at your site are not tagged as a threat to your organization in terms of criminal, physical, or intellectual property risk.

Credential Checks@2x

Credential Checks

Compare user credentials to your access control list or an internal authentication system in order to grant or deny the request and send a transaction log to your database.

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