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Multi-location overview & reporting

View individual real-time data for all locations in a single dashboard

iLobby supports location-specific settings such as language, data collection, and compliance settings — allowing one product to be configured across the entire Enterprise.

  • Real-time, multi-location overview
  • View by individual locations
  • Get location-specific reports

Centrally Managed

Global admins have user permissions that allow them to view the entire business at a glance from one dashboard.

Individually Operated

Each location can be individually managed, and site admins can be restricted to viewing data only for that specific  location.


Meet location-specific requirements

If you have multiple locations across different states, or even different countries, then the details and legal documents you need to collect from visitors may vary in order to meet local regulations and laws.

Site Specific Settings@2x

Site-specific settings

Your headquarters won’t have the same requirements as your manufacturing plant. iLobby’s configuration settings can be modified to reflect the needs of individual sites.

Workflows Based On Location@2x

Workflows based on location

Set different workflows for Visitor Types based on location, to accommodate compliance with local laws and regulations.

Language Localization@2x

Language localization

With over 30+ languages, preferences can be set individually at each location to be relevant to each specific region.

Reasons why iLobby® is right for you










Easy, structured roll-outs and deployments

Get up and running quickly across multiple locations and facilities with the expertise of our dedicated Deployment Team which prepares and deploys all of the hardware. Enterprise clients can enjoy a pre-configured, plug & play solution that is ready to go as soon as it arrives.

Product Roll Out

Rapid global deployment to 60+ locations

Consolidated Container Company recently rolled out the iLobby visitor management system to over 60 locations across the US and Canada. This rollout was completed ahead of schedule and iLobby representatives kept an open line of communication during this process, ensuring that the rollout for each site was completed as smoothly as possible. I would recommend iLobby to any company looking to transition to an electronic sign-in system.

Consolidated Container Company

Discover how iLobby® can streamline visitor management across all of your business locations