Send invites directly from your email, with one click

Employees can send one-click invitations directly from their email, complete with pre-registration links, map, and personalized QR code for faster sign-in. Guests can finish the sign-in process directly from their smartphone or computer, at their convenience.

Automatically send:

  • Meeting time and location
  • Interactive map and directions
  • Link to pre-registration
  • QR code to use upon arrival


Instantly identify your visitor

Automatic notifications will alert employees when their guest arrives, along with the visitor’s photo and applicable screening results. Notifications will help employees identify their guests in a busy reception environment, improving the overall experience for both visitors and employees.

Connect to your online calendar

Use your existing calendar booking software, including Outlook and Google, to book meetings. iLobby will automatically pick up all calendar events and communicate with visitors, inviting them to the meeting and providing necessary instructions.

Meeting room integration

Integrate your meeting room management solution with iLobby and deploy a unified and centrally managed platform capable of processing visitors, while maintaining proper room assignments and control. Integrations can vary from a simple “handover” to fully connected platforms.

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Custom Visitor Types

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