Details Collection

Easy driver and
delivery sign-ins

Quickly and easily collect all the necessary information about drivers, deliveries, and more so that you can get trucks through the gates and loading docks faster.

Drivers License Scanning@2x

Driver License Scanning

Ensure accurate identification with photo ID card scanning. Simply scan the document to auto-populate information using the built in camera or a dedicated scanner.

instant security check@2x

Driver Badges

Guest badges visually separate visitors and contractors from permanent staff and can be color-coded to quickly show the purpose of visit, level of access, citizenship, compliance and validity of the badge holder.

NDAs Legal Documents@2x

NDAs & Legal Documents

Add mandatory legal documents to the sign in flow and capture digital signatures. Signed documents are stored in one place for easy download when needed.

Automate and streamline your workplace

iLobby combines smart technology and powerful integrations into one turnkey solution that enables organizations to have greater control of their facilities, employees, and visitors. From entry authorization and tracking, to identity verification and screening – the iLobby platform streamlines and automates processes that mitigate risk and safeguard workplaces.

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Our delivery providers Staples, USPS, FedEx, and UPS are very happy, they no longer need to try several people to access the building

We have been using iLobby for a short period of time, but I have to say that is has helped streamline visitors, deliveries, and pick-ups tremendously. It is very efficient, reliable, and employees are amazed at how easy it is to use personally and for their guests. Our delivery services (Staples, USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc) are very happy we implemented this as they no longer need to try several people before accessing the building.

Our sales representative and support team have been extremely professional, responsive, and helpful. They don’t mind answering the simplest of questions and they always offer more assistance than expected in a timely manner.

We are very satisfied with our choice of iLobby and highly recommend the system to anyone looking to streamline their visitors and how they are tracked.

The HEICO Companies
Automate Compliance@2x 1

Automate Compliance

iLobby gives you all the tools to manage data collection consistently for each specific visitor type.

Schedule Reporting@2x

Schedule Reporting

Schedule end-of-day reports to see full site activity and compliance exceptions which include watchlist hits, unreturned passes and visitors who did not sign out at the end of their visit.

Faster Audits@2x 1

Faster Audits

iLobby includes a web-based management portal to help customers manage their systems and retrieve records when required by audits.

Integrate with gates and doors

iLobby's Lock/Unlock module lets the platform integrate with and control gates for automated driver management.

Integrate with gates@2x
Frequent Drivers

Frequently returning drivers

If you have regularly returning visitors or drivers, there are a number of options to speed up the sign-in process. Expedite sign-ins with personalized QR codes and last-visit information retention.


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