Great First Impression@2x

Great First Impression

Replace outdated logbooks with a modern kiosk that represents your brand’s forward-thinking objectives.

Streamlined Exp@2x

Streamlined Experience

From entry to exit, ensure that your visitors are presented with a smooth experience by making signing into your facility easy and simple, yet impressive.

Consistent Branding@2x

Consistent Branding

Greet guests with a branded environment by uploading backgrounds, logos, and themes to reflect your branding.

Automate and streamline your workplace

iLobby combines smart technology and powerful integrations into one turnkey solution that enables organizations to have greater control of their facilities, employees, and visitors. From entry authorization and tracking, to identity verification and screening – the iLobby platform streamlines and automates processes that mitigate risk and safeguard workplaces.

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From entry to exit, ensure that your guests are facing a smooth and friendly experience

Modernize your front desk by creating a branded checkpoint for all visitors to sign in through, and ensure that your brand remains front and center in your visitor’s eyes. Maintain full control over what your visitors see, the questions they’re asked, and the overall flow of the sign in process.

From entry to exit@2x
Flexibility to fit@2x

Flexibility to fit your unique use case

Streamline your environment’s sign in workflows. It is easy to tailor iLobby to your organization and collect only the information that is required for each specific visitor type. Collect relevant data in a user-friendly format reducing the scope of questions, and thus the amount of time your guests spend in front of the kiosk.


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