Invite guests in bulk, and speed up the registration time for large groups

Use the Events feature in the iLobby Portal to book events for large groups.

  1. Enter the event details
  2. Disable notifications for each individual arrival
  3. Select a visitor type (tour, visitor, etc.)
  4. Select length of event
Import Guest List@2x
Online Calendar

Schedule events directly from your calendar

Schedule events directly from your calendar, such as Outlook, Google Calendar, and others. Simply schedule your meeting and iLobby will automatically send out invitations to all invited recipients in order to schedule the event. Events in outlook can be synced with the iLobby portal, allowing receptionists and management to see an overview of who is expected to arrive.

Easily manage events

Send Invites@2x

Send Invites

Once an event is created and guests are invited, each guest receives an invitation email that contains a map with the address of the meeting location, and a unique QR code.

Guest Pre Register@2x

Guests Pre-Register

The email invitation contains a link that allows event attendees to complete the sign in process prior to their arrival.

Speed Up Sign Ins@2x

Speed Up Sign-In

Upon arrival, guests simply scan their QR code to pre-fill information and expedite sign in.

Attendee List Overview@2x

Attendee List Overview

The list of pre-registered guests will show in the “expected today” section of the dashboard, showing all invited guests and their statuses. Additional guests can be added manually if required.

  • Networking
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Training
  • And more…
End of Day Summary@2x

End of event
summary report

Hosts will automatically receive a summary report when the event has finished, listing all visitors who attended, as well as a list of visitors who have not signed out.

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returning visitor@2x

Returning Visitors

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Pre Registration

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custom visitor type@2x

Custom Visitor Types

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