Digital attendance

Create digital attendance logs by letting employees scan in and out with their Employee Pass.

Seamless check-in for employees

Your employees can add their passes to their Apple and Google wallets.

Apple Wallet

Google Wallet

Easily generate passes

Issue employee passes for certain periods of time. The generate QR code can then be used to speed up the process of signing in.

Quick, bulk imports

Bulk import employees from a CSV list or sync with your
employee directory.

  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Temporary workers


Sync with your active directory

Maintain accurate employee data by syncing your iLobby address book directly to your Active Directory for a smooth integration. iLobby can integrate with any LDAP based software platform as well as many HR and other business systems which contain corporate employee data.

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Pre Registration

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Custom Visitor Types

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Streamline digital attendance for employees

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