Proactive emergency preparedness
& liability management

Your organization is responsible and liable for having a plan in place to ensure the safety of everyone on-site in the event of an emergency. Most evacuation plans are communicated to visitors through pamphlets and rely on a paper logbook of signed-in visitors and contractors which must be manually retrieved during an emergency for accurate reporting. This manual process is inefficient and in the event of real emergencies, paper logbooks are often neglected and can result in serious human and financial consequences.

iLobby helps organizations be proactive through emergency preparedness by providing visitors and contractors with important safety information upon arrival. In the event of an emergency, iLobby digitally notifies relevant employees and safety officers with an up-to-date list of every signed-in visitor.

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Safety Videos

Visitor Guidelines@2x

Visitor Guidelines

Liability Waivers@2x

Liability Waivers

Legal Documents@2x

Legal Documents

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Health & Safety


Quickly activate emergency mode

Authorized personnel can activate Emergency Mode from the kiosk, or from the dashboard on any computer or smartphone.

  • Specify nature of emergency
  • Alert employees at specific site
  • Alert employees at all locations

Automatically trigger mass alert notifications

Quickly notify all employees in the building through various communication channels of the active emergency and the urgency of the situation.

  • Mass notifications
  • Multi-channel communication
Fire Notifications@2x
Emergency Mode@3x

Automatically get headcounts to account for everyone on site

Quickly communicate to hosts which visitors and contractors are still on-site to ensure everyone is accounted for. iLobby tracks who has signed in and out of your building, so that you have information at your fingertips in the event of an emergency.

  • Account for all visitors
  • Alert hosts of anyone still signed in
  • Send automated lists to security officers

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