Unlimited visitor types

Whether you regularly have contractors, interviewees, meetings, or other visitors — iLobby gives you the ability to fit your unique needs and create an unlimited number of different visitor types.

Create unique sign-in processes for each visitor type

Create unique workflows for each visitor type to fit your business processes. Visitors will receive a different experience based on their reason for being on site. This allows you to ask visitors only the questions that matter, in a very user friendly format.

Collect only the data that you need

iLobby is easy to configure on the administrative side, with many options that can be tailored to what information you need to collect for each visitor type.

  • Contact information
  • Legal documents & NDAs
  • Digital signatures
  • Health & safety guidelines
  • Questionnaires
  • Safety videos
  • ID & passport scanning
  • Citizenship data for ITAR compliance
  • Custom data fields
  • Optional documents that visitors can skip

Easily manage what information is required

Reuse steps across different visitor types, and disable certain steps for specific visitor types, without deleting it for other visitor types
  • Add custom data fields
  • Re-order steps
  • Re-use steps across different visitor types

Define data fields by visitor type

Quickly assign specific data fields to be collected for each visitor type. During sign in, a general visitor will need to provide different information from that of a courier.

Add steps by location

Data collection requirements may vary by site in order to comply with local regulations and laws. Easily customize data collection and workflows for each location, helping enforce local compliance.

Add documents

  • Create new documents
  • Upload PDF documents
  • Upload slideshows or videos

Manage documents

  • Update or change documents
  • Keep track of change history

Expiring documents

Expiration policies and revision tracking can be implemented for each document type in order to assess compliance for visitors who have completed this document in the past. Visitors with expired or non-compliant status will be asked to complete the document(s) again.

Optional screens

Use optional screens such as surveys and quizzes, and allow guests to opt out if the screens are not critical to the induction process.

Mandatory screens

Meet compliance requirements by forcing completion of mandatory screens and collection of required data. The visitor will be prompted to fill in all mandatory details in order to move through to the next step of the workflow.

Identity verification

Depending on your level of security and compliance requirements, iLobby can force specific visitor types to scan their government-issued ID or passport as a form of validation. The system will use the visitor’s legal name and/or country of citizenship, logging specific elements from the scanned document, including its image if required.

Digital signatures

Easily sign documents in iLobby with digital signatures, and store all signed documents for your records.

  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Liability Waivers
  • Health and Safety
  • And much more

Tailored to match your business

  • Your Processes
  • Your Workflows
  • Your User Types
  • Your Requirements

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