Easily manage what information is collected

Customize the sign in flow to match your requirements for contractors, such as reviewing policies, watching training videos, and signing a form indicating they have reviewed and understood the site safety rules.

Capture details such as:

  • Who they are
  • What company they’re from
  • Contact details
  • Legal documents

Create a custom contractor training program

Contract workers are often not familiar with the occupational, health and safety, and company-specific rules for your enterprise. iLobby condenses compliance requirements into an easy and user-friendly process which can be completed either on-site or prior to arrival. iLobby automates contractor sign-in and validation while helping you ensure that your site remains compliant.


Digital signatures

Easily sign documents in iLobby with digital signatures, and store all signed documents for your records.

  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Liability Waivers
  • Health & Safety
ilobby visually ID visitors

Visually identify contractors and their purpose of visit

Visitor badges make it easy to visually understand if contractors are authorized to be at your facility. Badges can be customized to reflect time/date validity as well as color-coded for specific building areas and visitor types.

ilobby 3rd party vendors

Communicate with 3rd party vendors

iLobby simplifies reporting and can communicate with other products and business entities, keeping everyone up to date when specific events occur. Vendors can be notified when their staff completes work-orders and your systems can be updated to void unnecessary access credentials. Whether contractors, vendors, or temp employees — you, your partners and your systems will always know who was in your building.

ilobby compliance management

Compliance management

Certain documents and training videos are only valid for a specific period of time. Returning visitors will be fast-tracked through previously completed yet still compliant documents. When the documents expire, visitors will be asked to complete the process again in order to remain compliant.

Contractor Pass@2x

Maintain a list of pre-approved contractors

Import contractors in bulk, and maintain a list that reduces wait times for contractors who are already authorized to be on site.

By issuing a Contractor Pass to frequent visitors or contractors, you can ensure that iLobby remembers photos, personal data, documents, and much more in order to expedite sign-in. Simply set a specific date range, and the contractor’s pass will be valid for that time period.

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