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iLobby® provides everything needed for efficient, time-saving and un-obstructed communication between visitors and employees

When a visitor arrives, the host receives an automated and direct notification across various messaging platforms. The notification contains relevant details, including the visitor’s profile and applicable screening results. This notification is instant and is completely transparent to both visitors and employees. It provides a faster and better experience for the guest, and is also convenient for employees who no longer need to be tied to their phone in order to be reachable.

Additionally, the receptionist no longer needs to manage the process, which can be time consuming in complex enterprises. The time previously spent on running background checks, verifying IDs and tracking down employees can now be better spent on tasks which benefit the organization.

  • Quicker visitor handling
  • Shorter guest wait times
  • Less lobby traffic
  • Easy collection of information
  • Photo capture to help hosts identify their guests

Add a professional touch to a basic,
yet important task

Employees benefit from easy and automated visitor management,
while visitors enjoy the confidentiality, transparency and speed of the process.





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Multiple communication channels

Notifications are sent via multiple communication channels, ensuring accurate and prompt message delivery to employees to accommodate their dynamic schedules.

Employees are able to manage their personal notification preferences in order to match them to their work style while remaining compliant with organizational rules and policies.

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Automated communication
with external parties

When contractors or temporary staff sign in, an email can automatically be sent to the temporary staffing agency notifying them of the arrival. Reports can also be run for specific visitor types, providing an easy way to find out which contractors or temps were on site and for how long, for invoicing purposes.

Automated Communication 3rd Parties
ilobby email invite

Send invites automatically
via email

Hosts can invite guests directly with a pre-registration form that is automatically attached to their outgoing email.

Once a guest is invited, they receive an invitation e-mail that contains a unique QR code. Upon arrival to the building, the Pre-Registered option can be selected to pre-populate guest information and direct notifications to the correct host.

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