Impress visitors and employees

Modernize your front desk by creating a branded checkpoint for all visitors to sign in through, and ensure that your brand remains front and center in your visitor’s eyes. Maintain full control over data collected from each visitor, enforce compliance, and centrally monitor and manage all sites across the enterprise.

  • Sleek
  • Modern
  • Cutting Edge
  • Professional
Great First Impression@2x

Great First Impression

Replace outdated logbooks with a modern kiosk that represents your brand’s forward-thinking objectives.

Streamlined Exp@2x

Streamlined Experience

From entry to exit, ensure that your visitors are presented with a smooth experience by making signing into your facility easy and simple, yet impressive.

Consistent Branding@2x

Consistent Branding

Greet guests with a branded environment by using themes, background, logos and colors which align with your global image.


Develop relationships with visitors

iLobby captures visitor photos upon arrival and sends them to the host, making it easy to identify guests when they are greeted in the lobby. This elevates the guest experience and creates a warm and friendly visitor-facing environment.

The system will keep an electronic guest book, which will allow the receptionist to review the names and faces of guests and provide an even greater level of customer service.


iLobby® is always there to greet your guests

Greet Guests Faster@2x

Greet Guests Faster

Visitors are instantly welcomed using one of our kiosks, reducing the wait times and removing the need of a host or receptionist to be physically available to each visitor at the time of arrival.

Expedite Sign In@2x

Expedite Sign In

iLobby completely automates the sign-in process by notifying hosts when their visitors arrive.  The experience is very intuitive and efficient in collecting all required data in order to meet the compliance and security obligations of the site.

Remember Guests@2x

Remember Guests

The system can recognize returning visitors, expediting their registration process by re-using previously collected data. Outdated records are updated as required, reducing the sign-in time and improving the overall experience.

Extremely easy to use and quick to configure

Thanks to the iLobby system our organization has improved the experience and the perception of the level of innovation that our customers and visitors have of the company. The system is extremely easy to use and quick to configure. To deploy iLobby it’s easy, and our intention is to standardize the system on all the business units of our corporate.

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