Meet Your Compliance Needs

Create unique sign-in processes for each visitor type

Create unique workflows for each visitor type to fit your business processes. Visitors will receive a different experience based on their reason for being on site. This allows you to ask visitors only the questions that matter, in a very user friendly format.

Employee Match@2x

Screening Tools

Automate employee and visitor screening with iLobby’s Tools for the New Normal. From screening questionnaires, to touchless body temperature scanning ― iLobby helps safeguard your workplace in the new normal.

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Schedule Reporting@2x 1

Regulatory Compliance

Automate data collection to help you meet your industry compliance requirements, and quickly prepare for audits for any given timeframe by exporting all your data, documents, and digital signatures with just one click.

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Physical Security

Integrate with access control, gates, turnstiles and doors to physically prevent access to unauthorized visitors. Automated notifications will be sent to designated employees to alert them of the attempted entry.

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Speed Up Sign Ins@2x

Emergency Evacuations

Manage emergencies more efficiently with mass-notifications to alert staff of emergencies and the nature of it, and send designated employees an automated headcount and report of who is on site.

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Site Specific Settings@2x


Internal and third party watchlists give you the ability to flag unauthorized visitors upon attempted entry, and send automated alerts to security and management in the building.

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Data Privacy@2x

Data Security

iLobby is certified to the leading data security standards in the industry, including SOC 2 Type 2, to ensure that your safety of all your personally identifiable information, sensitive data, and confidential information.

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Consistent Branding@2x


Real-time data in your dashboard gives you an overview of everything that comes through your front doors. Keep data and insights right at your fingertips to quickly generate and print custom reports with the click of a button.

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Enhance your brand and and position yourself as a forward-thinking and progressive company with an added tech savvy look. Your lobby is your first impression, so create an experience that helps define your brand.

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Workflows Based On Location@2x


Manage all your visitors across dozens or hundreds of locations, all in one place, from one dashboard. Centralize the management of all your locations, while allowing locations to be individually operated as well.

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Greeting guests and locating their host employee is an overlooked, time-consuming task for everyone involved. Improve communication through automated host notifications sent to multiple communication channels.

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Streamlined Exp@2x

Small Business

Create simple yet effective visitor sign-in flows to automate visitor logging and tracking. Get notified of guest arrivals with real-time notifications so that you never miss a vip client.

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Custom Details@2x


Enjoy the flexibility to create unique sign-in processes for each type of visitor, so you can automatically collect the information that you need through a simple step-by-step process.

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Automate and streamline your workplace

iLobby combines smart technology and powerful integrations into one turnkey solution that enables organizations to have greater control of their facilities, employees, and visitors. From entry authorization and tracking, to identity verification and screening – the iLobby platform streamlines and automates processes that mitigate risk and safeguard workplaces.

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Mitigate risk with a reliable data security solution

iLobby meets some of the highest levels of security certifications for technology companies who store data in the cloud in order to:

  • Safeguard sensitive data
  • Secure personally identifiable information
  • Protect confidential information


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