Tailor your sign-in processes

iLobby is a flexible platform that allows you to set up processes based on the type of visitors that come to your facility.


Track basic contact information of all visitors, customers, and interviewees with a simple step-by-step sign-in flow.

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Returning Visitors

Make it easy for returning visitors to sign in by remembering basic information so that your guest doesn’t need to re-enter it into the system.

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Upload and manage bulk visitor lists to expedite the sign-in of a large groups arriving at your facility for an event.

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Easily manage group sign-ins , and facilitate the process by allowing visitors to fill out information prior to arriving on site.

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Arrange meetings, schedule times directly to your calendar, and send pre-registration links to guest — all with one click.

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Scan labels and instantly notify employees of their packages and mail upon arrival, so they are not stacking up at reception.

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Create tailored sign-in flows for contractors that require completing induction training, site safety videos, and much more. Customize the instructions to your specific facility.

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Pre Registration

Send online pre-registration forms to visitors that they can fill out prior to their arrival on site. This is convenient for visitors, and it expedites their sign-in upon arrival.

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Streamline your visitor experience

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