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Mass Daily Employee Screening

Ensure that each employee arriving at work has been properly screened prior to their arrival. Management can require employees to answer COVID questionnaires before their scheduled arrival, and again on the day of to confirm that they are still feeling well.

  • Schedule daily employee reminders
  • Enable employees to easily check-in from their mobile device
  • Streamline the screening of hundreds or thousands of employees across all your locations
  • Quickly flag and deny employees who might pose a risk to your workplace
  • Automate health questionnaires, body temperature screening, documents, and more


Automated Capacity Tracking and Management

Capacity Management enables social distancing in the workplace by enforcing maximum capacities that limit how many people can safely be in any area of your building at one time.

  • Automatically track and manage which spaces individuals can go into
  • Enforce capacity limits in your building by department, floor, or zone
  • Bulk schedule departments or teams
  • Automatically deny access to over-capacity areas
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One-Click Reporting for Compliance

Maintain all your data, across all your facilities, securely in one place. Should an incident occur, organizations can quickly generate a report of each individual that was onsite during any specific timeframe.

  • Maintain a full digital audit trail for compliance
  • Faster contact tracing and incident management
  • Quickly generate reports of employees and visitors onsite during any given time period
Meet Government Regulations

Meet Government Regulations

Set Requirements To Be Met Prior to Entry

With laws and regulations differing from city to city, or state to state, iLobby gives you the flexibility to customize the employee sign-in process to meet local government regulations. From daily screening, to social distancing – iLobby Workforce Management allows organizations to better manage employee sign-ins and enforce compliance.

Manage Multiple Locations

Manage Multiple Locations

All Your Facilities, In One Central Dashboard

Managed from one central dashboard, organizations have the flexibility to layer a number of rules for each of their specific facilities. Locations can be independently managed in order to comply with local government regulations, and can require daily COVID questionnaires, body temperature screening, health and safety documents, and more.

Secure Sensitive Data

Secure Sensitive Data

Protect Personally Identifiable Information

Data is stored in adherence with your data retention policies and ensures the protection of sensitive or Personally Identifiable Information. For example, FeverCheck results are automatically stored as a pass or fail, removing actual temperature readings of individuals, while responses to COVID questionnaires can be stored as entire record sets.

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