Track and manage your mail — wherever you are!

iLobby Delivers™ is the easy way to keep track of all your incoming mail and deliveries at your front desk, mail room, or receiving dock.

Automate mail tracking and notifications

Keep track of your mail and packages in just a few simple steps, and let iLobby Delivers™ do the rest.


1. Open the iLobby Delivers™ app

Once a package or mail arrives, the receptionist or shipping/receiving department clerk can simply pull out their phone and open the app.

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2. Take a photo of the shipping label

Just click “Scan Parcel” to take a photo of the shipping label and iLobby Delivers will do the rest. The system will track carrier, delivery status, employee who signed, and much more.

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3. Automatically match label to an employee

iLobby Delivers™ reads the label, automatically matches it to an employee in your directory or address book, and sends a notification.

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4. Employee receives a parcel notification

Employees are notified on their phone, email, or other available notification method that their parcel has arrived, and employees can acknowledge that they picked up their mail.

Unlimited Mail Management

iLobby Delivers™ is a full mail management system for workplaces with a high volume of mail and packages. It allows you to streamline management without any limitations.

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iLobby Delivers™

  • Unlimited mail, parcels, packages, and pick-ups
  • Unlimited number of users and employees
  • Automatically match employee records and send notifications
  • Record who signed for package, tracking number, carrier, and status
  • Save photo of shipping label
  • One flat rate

Only $99/mo

Deliveries at a glance

The iLobby Delivers™ portal gives you an instant overview of all the mail received, including:

  • Tracking Numbers
  • Carrier Names
  • Photo of Shipping Label
  • Name of Person Who Signed
  • Delivery Status of Package
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Mail reminders

When employees have not picked up their package,
they will continue to receive a daily reminder.


Mail reminders

When employees have not picked up their package, they will continue to receive a daily reminder.

Streamline pick-ups
& deliveries





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  • Track incoming and outgoing parcels

  • Manage your mail

  • Automate notifications

  • No more packages piling up

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