High Precision Authentication@2x

High-Precision Authentication

FaceMatch™ uses key facial indicators and biometric readings for high-precision modeling. The smart technology can verify individual identities and match visitors to their existing records.

COVID 19 Pre Screening@2x

Accurate Record Matching

FaceMatch™ automatically checks the database and attempts to identify each individual. The results are filtered and intelligently evaluated to select the best possible match, and to prevent false positives.

Ongoing Facial Learning@2x

Ongoing Facial Learning

iLobby FaceMatch™ remembers your visitor, and learns facial patterns for each individual on an ongoing basis in order to account for daily differences in appearance and adjust to ambient lighting.


Instant Authentication

Automated face matching streamlines visitor processing

FaceMatch™ integrates directly into the visitor sign-in process to provide a convenient way to improve safety and security in your organization.

The visitor sign-in process starts with taking a photo, which triggers FaceMatch™ to run in the background. The system will automatically verify individuals based on various points of their facial features in order to authenticate the visitor.

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Smoother sign-in experience for returning visitors

When the system finds a match, the visitor can review their information and update any necessary details prior to signing in. Individuals will be automatically prompted to sign any legal documents or update critical details that may have expired since their last visit.

  • Reduce manual input from visitors
  • Automatically pre-populate details for Returning Visitors
  • Automate prompts to update information as needed


Get a complete story of each visitor's access to your facilities

The system uses advanced facial modelling to link only one set of records to each visitor. In the event of an incident or audit, this gives you a full digital paper trail of where and when they had access to your facility.

  • Minimize human error
  • Reduce duplicate records
  • Get a full picture of each visitor
Improved Accuracy@2x
Increase Security@2x


Control access to your facility by verifying identities of individuals

FaceMatch™ verifies each visitor against their previous visits and continuously builds upon each individual’s facial model for improved accuracy and security.

  • Continuously learn each individual’s facial model
  • Constantly improving accuracy of each individual
  • Greater control over who has access to your facilities
Data SecurityM


Engineered to Protect Personal Privacy

FaceMatch™ employs strict measures on the back-end to ensure that private data is inaccessible to unauthorized users, and to stay fully compliant with measures to safeguard sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

  • Protect sensitive information
  • Restrict site-specific data
Data Security


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