iLobby® + Single Sign-On

Expedite and Enhance the Employee Sign-In Process

iLobby integrates with most SSO identity providers and platforms including locally installed and cloud-based systems. This provides added data security, while increasing easy of use for employees by eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords.

  • Google Identity
  • OneLogin
  • OKTA
  • PING Identity
  • Azure AD
  • SAML 2.0
SSO 2@1.5x 2

Access iLobby® with one login

Single Sign-On allows employees to log into the iLobby backend Portal by authenticating through a third party Single Sign-On provider. For example, if an employee logs into their Single Sign-On service (for example, OKTA),  they will see iLobby listed amongst their company’s pre-approved apps. When employees click the app, they will be automatically signed into their iLobby backend account.


Employees + iLobby® backend

Employees can log into the iLobby backend to view their visitor data and set personal preferences, including:

  • Invite visitors directly from dashboard
  • See their own visitor history
  • See who’s ‘arriving today’
  • Schedule events
  • Change notification preferences
  • Set ‘away’ status

Increase productivity by connecting iLobby®
with the tools you already use


Don't see what you need?

iLobby can integrate with anything that has an API. If the integration is not listed or if you require a custom integration, feel free to contact us.