Visitor experience

Simple, step-by-step sign-in flows collect all the information you need to meet your security and compliance requirements.

Guided Self Sign In

1. Guided Self Sign In

When your visitor arrives, they tap the Welcome screen on the kiosk to start the sign-in flow: they fill in their details, read any legal documents and NDAs provided, and digitally sign documents.

Instant Security Check

2. Instant Security Check

Depending on your set up, the system automatically and instantly runs checks against any deny lists, watchlists, or other verifications and authorizations you have integrated.

Host Notifications

3. Host Notification

iLobby automatically sends a notification to the employee who is hosting the visitor — via their preference of email, text, voice call, Slack, or other channel.

Badge Printing

4. Badge Printing

iLobby prints a badge for the visitor (optional). Visitor photos on the badge and in the notifications help host employees recognize their guests, greet them, and proceed to escort them into the building.


All your data, all in one place

Access real-time data, documents, and reports from across all your locations, all in one place.

  • Real-Time Updates
  • Dashboard
  • Visitor Logs
  • Watchlists
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Filter & Search
  • Multiple Locations from one Dashboard
  • Reports & Data Export

Create, schedule, and export custom reports

  • Filter specific visitor types
  • Signed documents
  • Time-stamped files

Turn complex requirements, into a simple experience

iLobby takes your complex list of compliance, safety, and security requirements, and turns it into one simple, automated experience

Sensitive Data Handling

On-Premise Monitoring

Risk Prevention

Reporting & Audits

Service Level Agreements

Information Security

Health & Safety

Identity Verification

Audit Trails

Legal Contracts

Physical Security

And Much More

  • Easy for visitors
  • Convenient for employees
  • Advanced reporting for management

Powerful integrations & real-time syncing

ID & Passport Scanning

ID & Passport

3rd Party Watchlists

3rd Party

Access Control


Gates & Turnstiles

& Turnstiles


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