Greet Guests Faster@x

Greet Guests Faster

Reduce visitor frustration of not being able to reach someone upon their arrival on-site. Hosts and receptionists don’t need to be present to process the visitor and are only notified when their attention is required.

Expedite Data Collection@x

Expedite Data Collection

iLobby makes it simple for guests to sign in. It’s a pleasant experience for visitors, while being an effective way to collect data and documents needed for regulatory compliance.

Remember Guests@x

Remember Returning Visitors

The system can recognize returning visitors, expediting their registration process by re-using previously collected data. Outdated records are updated as required, reducing the sign-in process and improving the overall experience.

Collect Info@x

Collect Information Prior to Arrival

Employees can send invitations to guests which allow them to fill out important information and documents prior to arriving on site.

All Your Data In One Location

All your data — in one place

Bridge the gap between administration, operations, facility management, security and IT — with a single solution to tie all your important visitor information and processes together.

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting

Create and schedule custom reports to be emailed to you at regular intervals.

Flexibility to fit your unique use case

iLobby gives you the flexibility and control to streamline your existing workflows and tailor the entire sign in process around your company’s needs. Digitally log relevant and vital data in a user friendly format by asking visitors only the questions that matter to your organization and collecting only the information that you need for each specific visitor type.

Unique Use Case

A done-for-you solution

We simplify the entire process into one easy-to-use system. Our team of experts will help you define your requirements and scope, and set up a solution to fit your business. iLobby provides done-for-you solutions which include hardware, setup and maintenance.

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