Manage Capacity Across All Your Facilities

Real time Notifications@2x

Real-time Notifications

Managers have an up-to-the-minute glance at space availability within the workplace, and receive instant notifications when maximum occupancy is reached. This allows management to plan, manage, and prioritize access for individuals while maintaining social distancing requirements.

Space Planning@2x

Space Planning

Segment your environment according to the organization’s needs, and pre-plan limits based on the number of individuals that can safely be in one area at any time. iLobby gives you the flexibility to manage limits by building, by floor, or by zones within your facility.

Individual Access Requests@2x

Individual Access Requests

When capacity limits are reached, individuals can be restricted from registering into that space. However, employees and visitors can request access on a one-by-one basis to address changing priorities in real-time and ensure continued business operations.

Policy Implementation@2x

Policy Implementation

Local regulations can dictate your capacity limits through health and safety guidelines, fire and occupancy codes, and even pandemic-specific regulations. iLobby helps you quickly define, implement, and enforce new policies to meet organization-wide or location-specific requirements.


Automated Capacity Tracking

iLobby makes it easy for management to enforce maximum capacities by automatically managing which spaces individuals can go into. Organizations can set capacity limits based on how many people can safely be in any area of the building at one time, defined by floor, zone or any other criteria.

For example, Space A can be restricted to a maximum of 50 people, the 2nd floor to 30 people, and the Sales Wing to 25.

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Compliance with Laws and Regulations@1.25x scaled


Compliance with Laws and Regulations

iLobby facilitates compliance with laws and regulations by enforcing capacity policies, and providing a digital paper trail of the policies implemented as well as the individuals who had access to the facility during any given timeframe. Should workplace restrictions change at any location, organizations can remotely update policies to adjust facility-wide or space-specific limits.


Centralized Management & Streamlined Processes

iLobby gives you the tools to efficiently manage capacity limits within your workplace, while providing the flexibility to address changing requirements, so you can quickly adapt how your organization’s space is being used.

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